Creative Lawn And Garden Décor Ideas

Homeowners usually have a lot of great ideas when it comes to decorating the interior of their homes but get stuck when it’s time to put up some lawn and garden décor. If you are in such a decorating rut, we have a few ideas that may help you out.

One of the fun things about decorating a garden is that there are really no set rules to follow. Anything goes, so they say. The only limit is your imagination.

Even a tight budget should not restrict you because you can use old things from your house, give them a quick makeover and voila! You have yourself some new lawn and garden décor.

Partitioning the Garden

Many people find that decorating a huge lawn is most challenging. An easy way to remedy this is to create smaller, separate partitions in your garden. You can start by putting up a trellis near the garden’s edge. You can train bougainvilleas or vegetables to crawl up this trellis, it depends on your preference.

Next, you can connect the trellis area to your porch or patio using a walkway. Stone slab walkways always look good in any garden but you can also use bricks or even small pebbles for this purpose. You can also line the walkway with low flowering shrubs to make it more attractive.

Borders and Rocks

Rocks are also great to use as part of your lawn and garden décor. If you can find big ones, you can place a few them clustered together in some parts of the lawn, and mix in some plants and flowers. You can also use rocks as sitting areas or for creating borders around trees and other larger plants.

Garden Fountains

If you have the space and budget, you can install a small pond or garden fountain in your garden design. Some might think of these elements as tacky but it really depends on how you place them. Just don’t go overboard and pick something too gaudy and you’ll do just fine. If you don’t have the space but would still like to have a water feature in your garden, there are smaller fountains you can choose from, or you can install a birdbath amongst your plants.

Again, there really are no set rules when choosing lawn and garden décor. However, it would be good to pick pieces that will complement the design of your house so that there will be a look of harmony between your house and your landscaped garden.

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