Organic Gardening Compost Also Saves You Money

Buy or Make Your Own Organic Composter and Save The Environment compost is the newest trend in . Everywhere you look, you’ll find all kinds of composters and ways to create your own compost as fertilizer and soil. You can plant in it, you can add it to the top of your garden […]

Maintaining a Compost Heap

A compost heap might be just what you need to give your gardens the nutritious edge they need, but if you’ve never had this type of setup, you might not know what goes into maintaining it so you can create your very own dirt. First you need to learn a little about composting in general […]

Composting Is An Organic Substance

Compost is an organic substance that is added to the soil which functions more than just being a fertilizer. It is a mulch, a soil conditioner, and something that will help the soil give the best nutrients and minerals your plants need. With compost, the soil also is able to hold more water, which is […]