Garden Pest Control

Garden Weed Control For Pests

Garden Weed Control For Crop Growth, Quality and Yield If the right garden weed control measures have been implemented, there won’t be difficulties when harvesting. The main problem with weeds is that they compete with the garden crops for nutrients, sunlight and moisture, not to mention that they significantly reduce the space needed for the […]

The Dreaded Japanese Beetle

The Japanese beetle is a familiar yet pestering presence in our gardens. They usually damage roses, as these thorny flowers are their favorites. Don’t lose time thinking that this year they might not be a problem, because the nuisance is around the corner. It’s important to get your garden pest control chores ready! A single […]

Natural Ant Control In Your Home

Preventing Ant Invasions With Natural Methods Natural ant control is only necessary indoors, because in the garden ants are of great help. They clean up fungi and garden detritus that could otherwise easily serve as a food source for other pests. Even if you have a garden lawn, ants are not such a big problem […]

Japanese Beetles

From the many garden pests, Japanese beetles are some of the best known. Gardeners all over the United States deal with them every year. The Japanese beetle has a shiny look, with metallic green and copper-brown wings. The average life span varies between 30 and 50 days, and feeding starts as soon as soon as […]

Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticides Care For The Environment The preference for organic pesticides corresponds to the environmental trend that marks all the life sectors these days. People now rebel against the additives in food, the pollutants in the air and the chemicals in soil and water. That’s why the regular spraying of dangerous pesticides has triggered a […]

Pest Control

Biological Pest Control Is Safe and Environmentally Friendly Pest control is as old as the practice of agriculture. Over the centuries, men have used all sorts of methods to keep pests under control in order to maximize the food production. Weeds for instance used to be burned off or plowed under, but in time selective […]

Organic Pesticide

Tips For Making Organic Pesticide An organic pesticide can be made at home with really simple ingredients and very little outlay. You can now repel lots of garden pests without chemical substances that are toxic for the environment and detrimental for your health. All you need is the basis to make organic pesticides. You may […]

Garden Pest Control

Garden Pest Control With Natural Methods In order to enjoy a safer garden for your family, you should seriously consider natural garden pest control over the use of chemical pesticides and insecticides. You can choose to use organic pesticides and insecticides. Statistics reveal alarming figures for the use of chemical pest control in private homes. […]

Garden Pests

The major garden pests include weevils, wireworms, slugs, aphids, birds, fungi, bacteria and even large animals like deer which can ruin your vegetables and flower beds and make a mess of your work. It is unlikely for gardeners to face all these threats but some of these garden pests will most certainly appear around your […]

Garden Slug

So many of use cringe at the sight of a garden slug. This slow creature in the snail’s family makes a formidable foe in gardens. First of all, it has a great regeneration capacity, and eggs can lie dormant in the garden soil for years, without you suspecting it. A gardener thus has an ongoing […]

Organic Insecticide

Warm weather brings lots of problems for gardeners who have to deal with insects pestering their pests. Have you thought of replacing a conventional insecticide for an organic insecticide? The main advantage to going organic is that you keep your garden free of toxic chemicals and that you do not endanger the environment and the […]

Aphids Control

Aphids are tiny insects that live on plant leaves, on which they feed by piercing or sucking with their mouth parts. Aphids control is often a must for every gardener because they infest tender foliage and rob the plant from nutrients stalling its growth. Moreover, due to the fact that aphids move from plant to […]

Ant Pest Control

The uninvited crawly ants are such a nuisance in our homes. You can’t seem to figure out where they’re coming from, and the stream is endless. The only way to stop ants from over-spreading is to stop giving them food, and put into practice an efficient ant pest control solution. Although most of us feel […]

Pest Control Mice

In terms of pest control, mice traps and other rodent-capture devices sell very well worldwide. Gnawing is one of the worst things that could happen to the plants in your garden. Mice also raise huge problems not only outside but inside homes too, particularly since they are capable of gnawing through such incredibly diverse materials […]

Garden Pests Moles

Among garden pests, moles are only slightly disruptive for the roots of the garden plants because they feed on earthworms, insects and grubs. Gardeners and lawn-care enthusiasts have a really hard time trying to control the mole population in the soil of their property. Mounds of dirt are pushed up to the ground surface in […]