Keep A Gardening Journal As A Record

21. October 2016 Uncategorized 0

As you begin to learn more and more about , you will find that some things are made much easier if you’re keeping track of everything. Use the tips listed in the article below to help you keep a gardening journal.

You may have a good memory, but it’s hard to recall exactly what you planted in terms of the name of the plant and the particular variety. Keep this recorded in your journal. You never know when you’ll need to reference what you’re growing for any number of different reasons.

Gardening has a lot to do with keeping track of the progress of your produce. This means knowing the exact time when you planted your seeds. So right after recording the name and variety, make sure you make a note of when you planted them. (Follow the progression of these tips, and you will see how one plays off the other and how everything has a larger purpose.)

As your garden begins to grow, you will start to notice that some plants do better than others. You will ultimately be able to deduce some invaluable information by thoroughly logging which plants are doing the best. You will be able to tell at which areas certain plants do well and at which areas the plants are dead or slow to grow.

Oh, you didn’t think that you would deal with any failures? Well, welcome to gardening! Even the best gardeners have to deal with failures, so don’t get discouraged. Instead, thoroughly track and note your failures so that you may learn exactly what it is you did wrong. The next year, you can correct the mistake.

The patterns and positions in which you plant will make a big difference in your overall gardening skills. From plant to plant, you will understand what grows the best, where it grows the best, what other plants you can place beside it, how much space they need to grow, how many types of the same plant you can have per an area and more. So a diagram certainly helps you to figure this out. It doesn’t have to be a professional-looking diagram. It just has to be accurate.

If you’re growing cucumbers and carrots, you will ultimately find that, even in equal circumstances, one will produce more than the other. Even if we’re only talking about the size of the produce at maturity, you’re going to encounter a greater harvest per the way you’re gardening overall. Taking note of a great harvest does two things. One, it allows you to know which vegetable to plant again! Two, it allows you to hone your skills with other plants so that you can get a greater harvest.

Garlic, onions, potatoes and other vegetables need to be planted a lot earlier than others. This means that you may inadvertently dig them up when you’re planting new vegetables. This is where the journal really comes in handy! Noting your planting times and referring to your diagram will help you avoid digging up your bulbs.

A journal may be the best thing that ever happened for your gardening skills. You will learn how to spot mistakes and how to correct them. Logging what you do is a fantastic way to grow and to achieve.